Brand Expansion

Whether establishing a new business or embarking on a growth strategy, Brand Motif helps you step into the market with a brand that commands attention.

Brand Motif is the branding agency of hundreds of growing businesses in the Pacific Northwest. We understand how the way you present your brand can make or break even the best of strategic plans. Because of this we take the time to get to know and understand your business objectives before we begin our work.


When your business needs a makeover, Brand Motif takes care to respect your brand equity while elevating your image to match the value you bring.

Businesses need to update their brand to stay relevant in the market. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 corporation or a small business that is struggling to find clarity, we resolve confusion and establish a clear pathway to success by creating accurate and beautiful brand identities.


Our focus is to establish the correct foundation for all your marketing communications, and to design a road map for how to incrementally build your brand to serve your short and long-term growth goals. We bring practical marketing solutions to your team from print and digital, packaging all the way to environmental applications.


We are a one stop shop for all your brand identity needs including logo design, website design and development, marketing/sales/presentation materials, packaging, and social media. Our purpose is creating visual stories that are meaningful to your audience and relevant to your business culture.


Our marketing team helps you design, build, and implement Omni-channel brand marketing and advertising campaigns that help you expand your company’s ability to sell your product or service.


Starting with your website, we’ll help you shape how you show up in the digital world so you’re consistent across channels. From websites and social-media to newsletters and digital marketing materials, we’ll help your brand stay relevant in the new frontier of digital.


No job is too big or too small, Brand Motif designs and manages all your production needs so that they are correct and consistent in print, digital, and motion graphics. Our responsibility is to deliver excellence beyond the design phase so we handle the full scope of production in a way that quality is kept high throughout the entire process.


We can imagine, design and manage the brand experience in your space all around. Including commercial vinyl decorations, vehicle wrapping, installations, exterior and interior sign design and production. Leave the details of city codes and signage regulations to us.


Past and present


“Brandmotif is the creative genius that brought Vida Integrated Health’s brand to life. Roberto Garcia is a rare talent, professional, and such a pleasure to work with. He truly cares about your companies successes. Whether you are looking to reinvent your company brand, fine-tune your company image or you are just starting your company and looking for someone to help you discover your companies voice, Brandmotif should be your first choice.”

Kamela Sasaki - Marketing Director,
Vida Integrated Health

“If you want the most creative minds working for you I recommend Brandmotif! Over the past few years Brandmotif has provided us with outstanding creative direction as well as unique insight to our specific market needs. We have entrusted them with the complete re-branding of all of our sales, marketing, website, video and training materials. If you are looking for fresh ideas with a personal touch and a company that truly values your relationship, you should start here.”

June Sweetser - Vice President of Marketing,
Rena Ware International

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